Dock Equipment

Amelia Overhead Doors is a dealer for Serco brand dock door products specializing in the following different types of doors:

  • Sectional Overhead Doors
  • Impactable Dock Doors
  • Specialty Dock Doors

Whether you’re looking to save money, create energy efficiencies, or make your loading dock more functional, explore the broad range of doors designed for high-traffic loading docks, doors rated for high wind load environments, and insulated doors for cold storage environments.

Amelia Overhead Doors is also a dealer for Serco brand dock door products specializing in the following different types of products:

Dock Levelers
Serco loading dock levelers bridge the gap between the warehouse and trailers during the loading and unloading process to provide improved safety, greater productivity, and a loading dock that runs as smoothly as it should. From hydraulic dock levelers built to meet the needs of high-volume loading docks, to power-assisted dock levelers created for fast-paced moves, you’ll find a Serco dock leveler that is ideal for your operation.

  • Mechanical Dock Levelers
  • Air-Powered Dock Levelers
  • PAL Series Power-Assisted Dock Levelers
  • Hydraulic Dock Levelers
  • Vertical Storing Dock Levelers
  • ENERGY GUARD Dock Leveler Weatherseal
  • Edge-of-Dock Levelers
  • Dock-Guard Barrier Lip

Seals & Shelters
Know your loading dock is safe, dry, and energy efficient with Serco dock seals and shelters. The Serco brand offers a complete range of seals and shelters, servicing a wide variety of trailer sizes and types, featuring the ultra-durable SercoSteel® galvanized steel framing for years of reliability. Whether you’re looking to keep the elements out of your loading dock or need an efficient way to cut down on energy costs, the Serco line offers a range of products that offer complete durability and efficiency for a range of dock application needs.

  • Dock Seals
  • Dock Shelters
  • Inflatable Seals & Shelters
  • Rail Shelters
  • S-900DD Series DryDock Rain Sealing Systems
  • HINGE GUARD Dock Shelter Systems

Lift Products
When you’re looking for lifting solutions for your loading dock, dependability and durability are top priorities. Serco ergonomic lift products offer both, while increasing productivity and safety for your employees and providing a cost-effective solution to the unique challenges associated with moving products in the plant and on the loading dock. With Serco dock lifts, you’ll have 100% accessibility on your loading dock, allowing you to move products easily and safely. Serco in-plant lifts (also known as ergonomic life products) add to the productivity, profitability, and employee safety of your plant by automating simple tasks and eliminating the backbreaking hassle of doing it manually.

  • Dock Lifts
  • In-Plant Lifts

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