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It’s a cool summer morning and the sun is rising slowly—but with certain determination. A chorus of colorful birds chirp their jovial songs, and the smell of inviting coffee starts to mingle with their melodies. You wake up to hear the revving sounds of a sophisticated tool—sounds dampened by the walls and doors of your sleepy home. You hop out of bed and eagerly journey downstairs to follow the sounds and the smells, and to greet the human alarm clock living in your garage— none other than the man of the early hour—Dad!

In June in America, we celebrate Father’s Day, and for so many children, they have fond memories of seeing their Dads work with their hands in the family garage—revving the lawnmower to start a day’s front-yard cut, changing the oil in the family Virginian, or simply enjoying the warmness of the summer with a hamburger in hand—in the comfort of a relaxing lawn chair.

Whatever fond memories you may have, memories such as these become your own, as you step into home-ownership in adulthood. A big part of home-ownership is maintenance, and unlike a simple oil change or preparing a lawn mower, your garage door, if not properly maintained, can be a major hassle! Perhaps your garage door is working perfectly; however, if not, rest assured, you can call Garage Door Services Henrico Virginia by Amelia Overhead Doors!

When planning on adding additions in any shape or form, your garage may be the last thing on your mind though! Most folks tend to focus on what the inside of their home looks like, not the outside–but curbside appeal matters.

Through Amelia Overhead Doors, transform your home’s appearance with the modern look of a glass and aluminum garage door.

There are many do-it-yourself garage door projects out there and you may be tempted to upgrade your garage door on your own. Though you may feel like you will be saving money by doing so, you may end up costing more money long-term. Here are a list of reasons why you should leave the garage door upgrading to professionals.

Garage Door Services Henrico Virginia

It Will Cost You More Money
You want to save money so you decide to install your garage door yourself. You finish it and everything seems to be working properly, but what happens when something gets broken and needs to be fixed? What if you thought the garage door was installed properly and it actually malfunctions? Fixing your garage yourself will end up costing you more money than it would have for you to have it professionally installed.

There are highly technical aspects of garage door installation that require a person with licensed experience. Those technical aspects are accompanied by small moving parts which if not properly handled, can lead to exponential garage doors maintenance costs.

It’s Dangerous!
Many folks who decide to install garage doors themselves don’t think about the risks associated with it. Garage doors can be heavy and because there are so many parts, if something breaks, it could be endangering to your children, your spouse, and obviously yourself! Attempting to install garage doors without proper technique and or equipment can cause irrecoverable damage to the garage structure and the installer. Taking shortcuts and not properly respecting the size of the door will cause a huge headache. It is in the installer’s best interest to seek professional servicing.

Technical Parts
In order to function properly, garage doors have many parts that allow them to work properly. You don’t want to run the risk of something stop working and you aren’t sure what part it is you need to repair. Say for example you do know what part needs to be replaced, it may actually be dangerous too! Also, some parts may seem easy to replace, but on the contrary, it requires an expert hand to extract the beauty and functionality of each unique door.

Garage Door Services Henrico Virginia

Who We Are

Garage Door Services Henrico Virginia | Amelia Overhead Doors | (804) 561-5979Amelia Overhead Doors is Central Virginia’s premier garage door services dealer. We have been providing customers with quality garage doors and garage door openers for decades. Since 1984, customers throughout Richmond, Henrico, Lynchburg, Williamsburg and Charlottesville have trusted Amelia Overhead Doors for all of their residential and commercial garage door services needs.

Whether you need to replace your old garage door with an energy-efficient new one, are seeking top quality garage doors from manufacturers including Clopay and Liftmaster, or need new garage springs, Amelia Overhead Doors has you covered. We are committed to providing top quality products and the very best garage door services possible.  So–if you ever need to search for “Garage Door Services Henrico Virginia,”  please give Amelia Overhead Doors a call.


Why Amelia Overhead Doors?

We provide the highest-quality service and products to our customers, and we’ve been doing it for over 30 years. We offer residential and commercial garage doors, garage door openers, entry doors, and, as always, our unsurpassed service. What started with a single truck in 1984, Amelia Overhead Doors has now grown to be the largest overhead door company in all of central Virginia and one of the largest on the entire east coast. We install over 100 new doors for our customers every single week. Combine that with our service team and repair service, and you will find out that we take care of a lot of customers! With experience like this, you can trust us to take care of your door needs as well. Even with our size and capability though, we still focus on extreme attention to detail with each and every customer, ensuring that you get the customer service that you deserve.

Amelia Overhead Doors is a member of the International Door Association and operates under the IDEA Business Code of Ethics, making sure that we give each and every one of our customers the highest level of products and service available. We are proud to be a Clopay Master Authorized dealer and LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Provantage Dealer. Amelia is a Clopay Top Presidential Award Winner and is currently one of Clopay’s top 12 dealers in the world. Our staff has served on multiple advisory boards for the top garage door manufacturers in the country. Through this we have beeGarage Door Services Henrico Virginia | Amelia Overhead Doors | (804) 561-5979n able to lead the discussion in market trends and designs to remain on the cutting edge of the industry. Our sales and installation teams have combined experience exceeding 150 years! Our knowledge of the industry remains unmatched. When it comes to overhead doors, we are the experts. Training and continuous education keep the Amelia team in pace with the changing needs of our customers.

If you’re looking for a company that stands behind its products and services, you’ve found it in Amelia Overhead Doors. Serving all of Central Virginia, we are family-owned and operated right here in Central Virginia, making our home in the same communities as you. We do not use subcontractors but install all of our own products. It is our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction that has allowed us to earn our outstanding reputation in Virginia since 1984. Allow us to be your garage door dealer of choice!


Amelia Overhead Doors Service Areas

Amelia Overhead Doors provides Garage Door services to communities within the Central Virginia area including: Bellwood, Belmont, Bexley, Bermuda Hundred, Bon Air, Brandermill, Charter Colony, Chester, Courthouse, Enon, Ettrick, Genito, Gordon, Hampton Park, Harrowgate, Hening, Henrico, Jefferson Davis North, Manchester, Matoaca, Meadowbrook, Midlothian, Moseley, Reams, Robious, Rockwood, Salisbury, South Rockwood, Spring Run, Winterpock, Woodlake, and Wyndham. In addition to these communities, we also serve the counties and cities of Chesterfield, Chester, Colonial Heights, Prince George, Hopewell, Fort Lee, Petersburg, Richmond, Hanover, Henrico, Powhatan, Amelia, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville, and surrounding areas.   So–if you ever need to search for “Garage Door Services Henrico Virginia,”  please give Amelia Overhead Doors a call.

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Garage Door Services Henrico VA—-including installation, maintenance, and repair—is now available from Amelia Overhead Doors. Their experienced and well trained technicians are available 24 hours a day. For immediate Garage Door Services Henrico Virginia, call Amelia Overhead Doors (804) 561-5979.

Garage Door Services Henrico VA | Amelia Overhead Doors | (804) 561-5979